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University of Maryland College Park
University of Maryland College Park
University of Maryland, College Park MD
Project Highlights:
  • Task Order Type Project
  • Occupied space
  • Coordination with other trades
Owner: Cost:
University of Maryland Varies upon Task Order
RME, serves as a selected General Contractor providing Task Order renovation projects for various buildings within the college as requested. The campus buildings are managed by EMCOR Government Services.

RME's scope of work includes but not limited to self installing new partitions, temporary structures, new ceiling systems, caulking, fire-proofing, electrical modification to accommodate renovated work, doors, frames and hardware installation. Other trades included in our scope of work which we do not self performed are subcontracted out to qualified subcontractors.

RME is responsible for all coordination and managing of other trades such as the mechanical, plumbing and flooring subcontractors. The areas of work include public spaces, executive and administrative offices and conference halls.
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