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249 Exterior

249 Exterior 2

Fort Myer Building 249 Exterior Renovation, Arlington, Virginia
Project Highlights:
  • Exterior Restoration
  • 39,605 square feet
  • Historical Restoration
  • LEED
  • Blast protected walls


Owner: Cost:
US Army Corps of Engineers

Rich Moe Enterprises, LLC – General Contractor

Building 249 is a contributing resource within the Fort Myer National Historic Landmark Historic District. Originally constructed as a barrack in 1903, the planned project involved adaptively re-utilizing the brick building as administrative office space. RME served as the General Contractor who manages subcontractors to satisfactorily restored and cleaned the masonry as to remove all organic and inorganic contaminants from the surface and pores of the substrate, returning the masonry to its natural color. The restoration included the construction of the two-story East porches which span the entire length of the buildings East elevation with decorative wood columns, metal railings & standing seam metal roofing system w/ concealed gutter as to match adjacent buildings and portray the historic profiles utilized within the building’s initial construction. The West porch was restored to its original condition receiving the standing seam metal roof system, and metal railings. Utility requirements included the installation of reinforced concrete encased underground electric power and communications duct-banks. Installation of concrete sidewalks, curbs, and gutters, were all implemented at areas surrounding the building. As to meet Army requirements, a K-4 Crash Rated Bollard System was installed with decorative powder coated sleeves at the North & West elevations of the building. The building’s surrounding roadways were milled and overlayed with asphalt. The landscaping included sodding, trees and shrubs to enhance the aesthetic value of this historic building.

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