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Lowe House 1

Lowe House 2

Lowe House of Delegates , Annapolis, Maryland
Project Highlights:
  • Historic Renovation
  • Occupied Building
  • Secured Site
  • Window Renovation
Owner: Cost:
Department of General Services
The Maryland House of Delegates window replacement project involved RME self performing the relocation of all interior furnishings within each individual space to gain access to interior areas for execution of contract work, selective demolition, installation of new stone window sills, installation of new interior window aprons and sills, installation of exterior FRP trims, painting of interior trims, exterior cornice trim and window wood blocking.  

TThe challenges involved with this project included the extremely aggressive, phased schedule and several unforeseen conditions related to the historic nature of the building. The building itself serves as office space to the Maryland House of Delegates representatives, who occupy the space during very specific periods during the year. The work was required to be completed between sessions, with a phased operation through the building involving several trades. The exterior wall conditions were not explored by the design team prior to award, but were assumed to be of a certain nature. In reality, after opening the walls, the exterior wall conditions were found to be quite different from what was assumed, which required modifications to the exterior sill details. RME worked with the A/E and the owner to create a minimum cost solution that worked within the project budget and schedule.

“Rich Moe Enterprises’ overall performance was very good. I would highly recommend them and would not hesitate to use them again on my projects”

Mark Schneidman, Project Manager
Maryland Department of General Services
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